Thursday, September 24, 2015


We have made it. It's Fall. Pumpkin spiced everything. In fact, I have Trader Joe's pumpkin filled ravioli waiting to be boiled this very second. Who cares that it's 92 degrees outside, dang it, it is FALL! Every girl in this great country is already spending way too much time on Pinterest making fall boards filled with leaf wreaths, pumpkin recipes and cute ideas for jack-o'-lanterns. And let's not even get started on Starbucks…

So here we are. The holiday season is upon us. Usually I fear this time of year. I know, I know, WHAT? WHY? Well, for those of us who really really want kids and don't have them, the holiday season is an unavoidable reminder that we are still sitting on the bench. Still waiting to be included in all that comes with the joy of children around this time of year. I mean, the Halloween costumes alone!

By the way, I love the word fall. Is such a dynamic word. We use it to describe the way we feel when we meet that one person we cannot live without: Falling in love. We use it to describe the way we feel when we've been swindled: I feel for it.

Falling means that we have no control. That we are free. That we are open.

As we approach Fall, and Jeremy and I continue to sit on the waiting list, I often feel as if I am falling. Finally we are on the list. Finally we have a real chance at being parents. Finally.
But when? Even though we have made it to this huge milestone, we are still clueless about when this will happen for us. No idea.

Only God knows.

And so we fall. We fall with great faith that He is in control when we are not.

And we are not alone, we have you! Your prayers and support are carrying us through.  We know God has chosen our baby already and He and His angels are counting down the days until they get to have the Baby Q. party!

So, will you join us this Fall and fall along with us?

No clue what the future holds.

No idea when that phone call will come.

No net.

Just faith.

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