Saturday, August 22, 2015

Every Single Prayer and Penny

About a week ago I received a sweet letter through messenger from a woman I've never met. She goes to church with us and is a member of that lovely group that gave us the box with the baby toys and donations. She said she missed the chance to give us a donation with her group because she had been busy planning her mother's funeral. 

Her mother passed away at 83 and was "a huge fan of children." 

Then, a couple of days ago she wrote me again. She said she her mom left her a couple of small life insurance policies and she felt like donating to the Baby Q. fund was the best way to honor her. 

Yesterday while I was proctoring a study hall, my dear friend and co-worker Jenny walked her over to my office. This is what was waiting for me when I got there:

Oh, and when I asked if I could share the story, she said yes- but to keep her name out of it because she wants people to know "Miracles rain down all the time!" 


Thank you ALL for donating! Every single prayer and penny brought us here! 

We can officially say YES to being on the waiting list for a baby!

SO what's next? Stay tuned… another blog will come along shortly!

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