Friday, July 3, 2015

The Best Week of Your Life

While Jeremy and I have been waiting for God to bless us with a baby, He has blessed us with LOTS of teenagers!

Tomorrow Jeremy and I hop on a bus (well, one of a few big busses) with a couple hundred teenagers to head out to Tennessee for a week. This is our second year being camp counselors for Camp Cherokee and we LOVE IT. They call it "The Best Week of Your Life" and it truly is.

This next week is all about helping young people get closer to God with games, songs, quiet Bible time, camp fires, boat rides, whitewater rafting, and most importantly, relationships. Jeremy and I will tell our story time and time again this week in hopes that we can help a young person hear that he or she is not alone, they they are loved and wanted by the Creator of the Universe, and that they are loved and wanted by this church family.

For a whole week, we will have zero access to phones or internet or ANY electronics of any kind! WHOA.  

I know, some of you are cringing right now and some of you are thinking this is the best thing ever...

I fall somewhere in between.

Although I am super excited to unplug from the world and focus on God, I am bummed I will not be able to witness #TeamBabyQ at work this next week. Bummed I won't be able to check the Gofund me page each day, or post and share your amazing words. BUT I am trusting God and trying not to be anxious. 

One of my favorite Bible verses reminds me: 
Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

So here's what we are asking:

Will you keep sharing while we are away? I've asked a couple of my girlfriends to post a few things for me, but we are going to need more than that.

Will you find new ways to reach new people and share our story? Will you post, share, tag, tweet, pin, upload and email? We really need #TeamBabyQ to blow up social media while we are in Tennessee, and we cannot wait to see how much you've raised for Baby Q when we plug back in on the 11th!

Also, please pray for us and the whole crew at Cherokee as we head out to tell God's story and glorify His name!

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