Monday, July 13, 2015

God Does Not Make Mistakes

Rolling out of bed yesterday tired and sore from two full days on a bus traveling back to Florida from Tennessee I got ready for church in what I can only describe as a zombie trance. My heart was excited to be back in God's house with all the teenagers we spent a week worshiping with at camp, but my body was not. My body screamed "THIS IS SILLY. GO BACK TO BED." Thank God I listened to my heart.

As I sat next to my husband and a ton of teenagers, I got goosebumps when I heard our pastor call out to the audience: "You are not a mistake. God made you for a purpose."

Then he said it again: "You are not a mistake." 

Now, I've heard this before and I have always fully believed it, but yesterday it lit me up in a new corner of my heart- the Baby Q shaped corner.

One of the most popular questions to new adoptive parents is: "Why was he or she given up?" This is a question I know I will have a hard time with. You see, I know my Creator. I've read His words and I know how much He loves us, all of us, and if there is one thing we are NOT- it's given up on. One of my favorite verses in the Bible comes from the book of Jeremiah.

Doesn't that just blow your mind? God had a purpose for all of us and knew us intimately before we were even born!

Jeremy and I cannot wait to be parents, but recently we've been talking about the great joy we have in giving a young woman the option to show her child he or she is not a mistake. I cannot imagine a greater act of love then making the hard and heartbreaking choice to choose life and then trust that life be fully taken care of in the hands of people you do not know. THAT IS LOVE. Anyone who says a woman who chooses adoption doesn't love her child is mistaken. It's the ultimate form of love and a great picture of God's grace.

I pray for our birthmother everyday. I pray that she knows she is already loved. I pray that she knows she is not a mistake and that her child has a purpose designed by the Creator of the Universe. I pray that even though she may be scared, there is a sense of peace in her choice that passes understanding. And even though I do not know who she is yet, she is and will always be a very big part of our family's story, and I am already so thankful to God for her.

She is wanted. Her child is wanted. We are all wanted. 


After all, Psalm 149:13 reminds us we are

Haven't heard our whole story? Have four minutes? 

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