Saturday, July 4, 2015

Every Dollar Counts

Before Jeremy and I run off to Tennessee, I just HAD to share this! 

Shortly after we launched our fundraiser for Baby Q. I got a call from my niece. I shared this on my Facebook page:

So, my 7 year old niece Abigail just called me on my mom's phone. She said she watched our video with her daddy (my brother) and it made her a little sad and really happy. She said she has $43 total in her life savings. She would like to give us a dollar and also she would like us to name the baby "Lovely."

This came in the mail today! 

It reads:
"This money (is) for the adoption for the baby that you are having in 28 days!"

My heart just exploded.

Also... 28 days? I WISH! Although... I would need to get a car seat, like, yesterday! 

Want to help us adopt Baby Q?

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