Saturday, June 20, 2015

About Tara and Jeremy

Tara was born and raised in Florida. She was passionate about theatre and acting at a young age. Tara studied theatre at The University of South Florida in Tampa. She has now found her dream job as a drama teacher and Theatre Director to students from second grade to twelfth grade at Canterbury School of Florida in St. Petersburg.

Jeremy was born and raised in Ohio. He moved to Florida in 2002 after his sister invited him down for a visit. Jeremy has loved living in Florida ever since. Jeremy has a background in fitness, and a degree in marketing from The University of South Florida. While in college, Jeremy discovered photography and instantly found his passion. He now has a great photography career.

I Am So, So Angry

Forgive me, I am heartbroken. I am nauseous. Dumbfounded. When I was a little girl, my mom worked for the public school system. Some d...